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Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

We provide comprehensive post-construction cleaning services, which cater to a wide range of aspects and make the area habitable for the people. When construction work is carried out then there will be all sorts of debris, dirt, construction material residue, etc. spread all over the place. It will provide a highly uninviting look to the onlookers. Similarly, it will not be viable for people to live in the building or vicinity because all sorts of problems and health hazards will emanate from it.

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Here Is How We Can Help

Therefore, we offer a comprehensive post-construction cleaning service, which include some following essential aspects (as applicable):

1.     Cleaning off dirt, dust, stains, debris, smudges, scuffs, etc.

2.     Removal of construction material residue.

3.     Removal of paint and spillage.

4.     Removal of odor in the building.

5.     Dusting and cleaning of walls and ceilings of the building.

6.     Cleaning of roof and storage areas.

7.     Removal of dust, dirt, stains, etc. from windows, doors, and baseboards.

8.     Cleaning of blind spots in doors, windows, frames, etc.

9.     Comprehensive wooden work cleaning and restoration.

10.   Cleaning of shelves and cabinets.

11.   Vacuum cleaning of different areas of the building.

12.   Carpet and upholstery cleaning.

13.   Cleaning of electronic equipment in the building.

14.   Cleaning of electrical switches and wiring in the building.

15.   Disposal of trash.

16.   Other areas as required. 

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