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Move-in & Move Out

Move-in & Move Out

When people are moving in or out of a building then it is highly important to perform a comprehensive cleaning process in order to clean it properly and avoid any health hazards. There are various blind spots in a building, which are ignored throughout the stay and only become visible when all the items have been removed. Similarly, people only carry out casual cleaning during their stay due to which the comprehensive cleaning requirements might be ignored. This will lead to hard stains, smudges, adhesive mass buildup, and unhygienic conditions due to which it would not be viable for people moving-in to live in the building. Therefore, we offer comprehensive cleaning services for all sorts of buildings when the occupants move out or new occupants are planning to move in.

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Some of the essential aspects covered in Move in & Move out cleaning services include:

  1.       Deep cleaning of blind spots.
  2.       Comprehensive of all areas of the building including rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.
  3.       Cleaning of garage and storage areas.
  4.       Removal of dirt, hard stains and smudges present anywhere in the building.
  5.       Removal of garbage.
  6.       Removal of adhesive spillages and mass buildup.
  7.       Sanitization process for eliminating the threat of harmful microbes.
  8.       Removal of fungus and other harmful substances.
  9.       Rodent control.
  10.       Pesticide control.
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