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Client We Serve

Client We Serve

All Over Cleaning & Handyman Service is one of the major cleaning services provider company and over the course of time; we have significantly enhanced our client portfolio.  Currently, we offer our services to a wide range of customers in different sectors, which is also a testament to our capabilities and the trust of our clients in our services. A list of all the clients who can acquire our services is as follows:


Our team of experts has high capabilities in the apartment cleaning sector and we have highly optimized our cleaning methods and processes in this sector over the course of many years. Apartments have a wide range of cleaning requirements and in case they are not regularly cleaned then they will lead to unhygienic conditions for the residents. Therefore, we provide highly comprehensive services in this regard that cover all aspects of apartment cleaning.


Townhouses are regularly used but their cleaning requirements are commonly ignored due to which they provide dusty and unclean look. The hygienic conditions of the building also deteriorate, which can be a source of health issues for the occupants. Therefore, it is essential to carry out deep cleaning of the townhouse with a regular interval, in order to keep it habitable.

Family house

The family house is the place of gathering and people use it for celebrating the most significant moments of their lives. However, in case the house is not properly maintained and looked after then it will mar the significance of the occasion. We believe in enhancing the satisfaction of our clients, therefore, we provide high-quality family house cleaning services.

Rental property

People who live in rental buildings are vulnerable to unclean, unhygienic and unhealthy conditions because when a wide range of customers rent a building, its cleaning requirements are usually ignored. People are less likely to properly cater to the cleaning requirements of rented property, which will lead to severe problems over the course of time. Therefore, our experts provide special cleaning services for rental property, which covers comprehensive cleaning requirements of these buildings.

Commons area

We have significant experience and experience in providing the best common area cleaning solutions. We provide regular services in this regard and utilize the best equipment for achieving the best results.


We have grown significantly over the course of the last many years and currently, we have the capacity to provide cleaning services to a wide range of clients. Our experts will be able to provide the best solutions for all sorts of buildings. In case you require a service other than the one mentioned above then please reach out to us and we will provide you the best consul in this regard.

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